Difference between BEP2 and BEP20?

Devesh Tiwari
3 min readMay 22, 2022

Binance is one of the biggest digital money trade stages. It was established by Changpeng Zhao in 2017 with its base camp situated in the Cayman Islands. The local money utilized in exchanging inside Binance is BNB.

The clients can make tokens or trade tokens to procure advanced resources utilizing Binance. At first, Binance was based on the Ethereum Chain Network, that is the tokens gotten by the clients will be either founded on ERC20, or on the off chance that the tokens are NFT based, ERC721.

Nonetheless, Binance later changed the whole biological system and constructed a new blockchain network select to Binance. These two Blockchain networks were called :

  • Binance Chain Network (BC)
  • Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC)

Binance Chain Network or BEP 2

The Binance Chain Network was sent off in April 2019. Also, is the first blockchain network sent off by Binance. The BEP 2 is the norm for giving and executing tokens on the Binance Chain Network. At first, the Binance was customized on the Ethereum Network. Binance felt the need of adding more extra highlights to their Network so they changed to another organization developed solely for tokens dealing with Binance called as Binance Chain Network.

Every one of the tokens in the Binance environment needs to restrict to the arrangement of rules given by the standard BEP2. These standards guarantee that there is an impeccable collaboration between the tokens.

Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC) Or BEP 20

Because of unexpected changes in the environment, ERC20 tokens were not promptly viable with Binance Chain Network. To overcome this issue Binance sent off one more organization in September 2020 that runs lined up with that of the Binance Chain Network called Binance Smart Chain Network. This blockchain was made to be quicker and less expensive. This blockchain network was viable with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Since the Binance Smart Chain Network is viable with Ethereum Virtual Machine it was sent off fully backed by devices and Dapps of Ethereum.

Clients can trade BEP2 Tokens for BEP20 Tokens. Both the chains are entirely free that is if one of the blockchain networks turns disconnected the other one would work flawlessly even without it.


Key Differences in BEP2 Vs BEP20

Blockchain Network

The significant contrast between the BEP2 and BEP20 is that the BEP2 deals with the previous Binance Chain Network and the BEP20 is on Binance Smart Chain Network.

Token Address

The organization address of the multitude of BEP2 Tokens begins from ‘bnb’ and needs a reminder to be moved. While the symbolic location of BEP20 Tokens begins from ‘x0’Ethereumike Ethereum token locations.

Exchange expenses

The exchange charges are appropriate in BEP2 while there are no exchange expenses relevant on BEP20.

Ethereum Compatibility

The BEP2 isn’t viable with Ethereum apparatuses through BEP20 is viable with Ethereum.


The BEP2 Tokens are not adaptable yet the BEP20 tokens are adaptable such that they can be printed or consumed to manage the stock of BEP20 Tokens.


The Binance Chain deals with ‘Verification of work’ which costs higher. While the Binance Smart Chain Network deals with ‘Evidence of Staked Authority ‘ which is a blend of Proof of Stake and Proof of Authority this diminishes the expenses and speeds up exchanges.



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