Fantom (FTM) coin price prediction 2023, 2025, 2030

Devesh Tiwari
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Fantom is another prime example of a decentralized finance blockchain network. It has smart contract features and is built upon the CryptoNote algorithm. It aims to fathom the prevailing scalability issues in blockchain ledgers. The network also uses an asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerance as its consensus algorithm. Its consensus protocol is often referred to as ‘Lachesis Protocol’.

Fantom was founded by computer scientist Dr. Ahn Byung Ik, the CEO of Fantom Foundation, in 2018. The main net was operational from December 2019. It raised $40 million in its Initial Coin Offering. FTM is coined as its native currency. Each of which is sold for $1.22 as of April 2022. It is estimated to price around $1.75 on average to $1.92 on maximum. Fantom’s total market capitalization of $3.87 billion and has a circulating supply of 2.55 billion FTM.

FTM Price Prediction 2023

Fantom prices at the start of 2023 are estimated to average around $1.78 to $2.00. Its scalability index supports its growth further down the year. Our analysis suggests its minimum price by the end of the year to be $2.35 to a maximum of $2.80. It should have an average price of $2.53 in December 2023. Many other studies expect the price of Fantom to average more than $3.5 and maximize somewhere near $4.21.

FTM Price Prediction 2025

According to our prediction results, the FTM price in January of 2025 will be ~$3.25 as its lowest. It shows significant potential to increase its assets in the future years to come. Its prices are speculated to grow over $3.9-$4.3 on average in the third quarter of the year. However, FTM maximum prices have been predicted to surpass $5.32.

FTM Price Prediction 2030

Considering FTM holds its stature in the crypto industry, its prices have a high possibility of sky-rocketing its prices before 2030. Our forecast foretells the price of each Fantom token to have a minimum price of $35.56. It is expected to average around $38.64 and can maximize up to $40.56. This means it will grow over 3500%. Although a bizarre prediction analysis suggests the FTM price will be more than $50 by the end of 2030.


It is difficult to accurately predict a crypto’s price that far into the future. Fantom, according to its validators and recent investors, has a high probability to become a viable, sustainable, and valuable investment in the long term.



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