How to buy a Hoge coin?

What is the HOGE coin?

Hoge coin is a deflationary token that runs on the Hoge Finance Platform. It is an ERC20 token supporting the Ethereum blockchain. It is also the first ‘meme coin’ to pass Certik Audit. It was first minted on 7 February 2021 by a group of unknown developers. Maximum supply of Hoge is 1,000,000,000,000.

For every transaction made through Hoge coin whether buying or selling a 2% tax is imposed where half is burned and half is distributed among Doge holders.

What is a meme coin?

Meme coins as mentioned in the name are a cryptocurrency that initially has no value and is only used as a means of exchange. They usually derive their identity from viral memes and pictures on Social Media Platforms thanks to Social media influencers.

For example, in 2020 Dogecoin gained the spotlight after Tesla’s owner and Founder Elon Musk invested in the cryptocurrency as a joke, and thereafter the value of doge pierced through the skies. You can even buy Tesla products using Doge coins.

What is a deflationary token?

A deflationary token is one that loses its market supply with time or transactions. Like in Hoge every time a transaction occurs a part of the transaction is burned forever.

HOGE Finance Platform

The hoge coin runs entirely on the Hoge Finance Platform. It is a community-based Decentralized finance platform. It is called a community-based platform because the developers don’t receive any amount on any transactions made instead the community (hoge holders) receive a part of every transaction.

Every time any transaction takes place on the blockchain Hoge Finance divides the 2% of the total transaction. Where the 2% is equally divided, and 1% of it is burned as it is a deflationary token and 1% shall be distributed among the holders. That’s the beauty of Hoge that makes it a selfless and community drives platform. With every transaction, the supply of Hoge decreases but the demand increases that increasing the value of Hoge. This phenomenon is called HOGE tokenomics.

How to buy Hoge coin?

Hoge coin is not available on popular exchange platforms like Binance and Coinbase.

As of today May 24, 2022


RANK: 791

MARKET CAP: $10.26 M

VOLUME: $19,208

The hoge coin is available on the following exchanges :


· Big one

· Bkex

· White BIT

AS OF MAY 24, 2022

· HOGE COIN IS 60.0106% Burned

· 1.2002% Burned in Every Transaction

· 600106235795 HOGE Burned

· 39.9894% is in Circulation

· 0.7998% Redistributed to ERC-20 Holders per Transaction

· 399893764205 HOGE is in Circulation

In order to get Hoge one needs to follow a few steps :

· Get Ethereum

· Transfer Ethereum to your Metamask Wallet

· Transfer Ethereum to your Metamask Wallet

· Connect your wallet to Uniswap

· Swap your Ethereum with Hoge


The very first thing is to get some Ether, now you can buy Ether on many Centralized platforms as it is a famous cryptocurrency supported by many platforms.


The next step is to create a wallet that would Store your ERC20 token. Metamask is a crypto wallet that works for all ERC20-enabled tokens. Hoge is also a ERC20 token.


You can either buy the Ethereum (ETH) directly on your Metamask wallet or either you can buy Ethereum from any Centralized exchange and thereafter send the Ether to your Metamask wallet.


The next step is to connect your Metamask wallet with Uniswap. Using Uniswap you can swap your Ether with that of Hoge.


Lastly, you need to swap the tokens.

Select hoge on ‘You Buy’ and Ether on ‘You Sell’

AS OF MAY 24, 2022

1 DOGE = 0.00002951 ETH

Make sure that the HOGE Contract ID is:


Set the Slippage To 2.5%

Confirm swap.

And add Hoge token ID to the custom token slot.

After this, your token shall be swapped and now you’ll own Hoge.


Ethereum (ERC-20):


Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20):


Polygon (MATIC):









Digital Marketer | SEO Analyst — Researcher and Publisher for NFT, Blockchain, Finance and Technology. (

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Devesh Tiwari

Devesh Tiwari

Digital Marketer | SEO Analyst — Researcher and Publisher for NFT, Blockchain, Finance and Technology. (

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