Internet Computer (ICP-DFINITY Foundation) Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030

Devesh Tiwari
2 min readApr 30, 2022


Internet Computer is a public blockchain platform, which is an assortment of protocols that allows to development of a block singularity, where all procedures and services are re-modeled with the help of smart contracts. Also, it is the smart contract that allows developers or users across the globe to collaborate independently forming a decentralized environment. ICP is the token native to this platform. This network was developed by Dominic Williams in the Ethereum environment, as a global computer that won’t shut down. Later its main net was launched on DFINITY in 2016 October. It raised more than $120 million in its ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

ICP token price as of 2022 April is $16.76. We expect its price to rise above $20 before the year ends. It has a market capitalization value of $8.016 billion. Furthermore, Internet Computers have a total circulating supply of over 225 million ICP. Its highest recorded price was $750 in May 2021.

ICP Price Prediction 2023

According to what we predict ICP tokens will start their prices in 2023 at $22. Its minimum prices will increase over $30 before the year reaches the final quarter. Our studies show the average price throughout the year to be between $25 and $35. The maximum it can grow before December 2023, to our predictions is about $40.

ICP Price Prediction 2025

Each ICP is foreseen to have a minimum value of $45 in January which is expected to rise over $60 by October 2025. It is estimated to average up to $70 by December of 2025. On top of that its maximum price according to some results equates to around $80.

ICP Price Prediction 2030

We can’t accurately predict a long-term investment. But the prices we envisaged for 2030 are sky-high compared to what it now has. Our technical study supports ICP prices to be a minimum of $440 while averaging about $487. the result, the maximum ICP token price will grow is about $520.


In this erratic market of blockchain industries, Internet Computers have held their merit. It is said to be the fastest and most scalable dApp running platform. There is no definitive proof that it will skyrocket its prices in the long term, but its investors believe that it might. Since the price of crypto depends on numerous factors, some being the protocol it follows, advancement in its blockchain system, etc., it becomes tiresome and quite frankly less worthwhile to predict these results.



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