NGRAVE Zero Wallet Review: Hardware wallet to secure your Crypto assets

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NGRAVE Zero Wallet is a physical device that stores cryptocurrencies. This hardware wallet contains private keys called NGRAVE perfect keys in offline mode, thereby giving maximum security to its users.

The NGRAVE Zero Wallet promises its users the most secure cryptocurrency storing solution on the planet. One of the securest cold wallets ever made NGRAVE offers an impenetrable security ecosystem.

NGRAVE Zero Wallet is completely air-gapped, which means that it cannot connect to WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, or NFC. This device runs entirely on QR codes ensuring maximum security. The wallet has a USB-C port just to charge the device.

After the incidents where bitcoins worth millions of dollars were stolen the world needed a different way to safely secure the data and digital currencies. NGRAVE Zero was built with the vision of ‘Own what is yours. The NGRAVE Zero is the new way of storing your cryptocurrencies in an offline way. The wallet is air-gapped keeping it away from the internet and connectivity world, therefore, saving it from hacking, theft, and scams.


  • The device is a pocket-sized touch screen with the dimensions of 12.5 cm x 7.2 cm x 1.4 cm.
  • It has a 4-inch color high pixel density screen.
  • The screen resolution is 480 x 800 pixels.
  • It has an LCD screen 600 Cd/m2 touch screen with high brightness.
  • It has a 640 x 480 built-in camera.
  • NGRAVE ZERO has a fingerprint sensor.
  • Built-in light sensor.
  • It has a switch on a button on the side of the device.
  • NGRAVE ZERO is water and dust-resistant.
  • It is tamper-resistant due to its inner and outer casing.
  • The device looks premium and black in color.
  • This is the first-ever device to be EAL-7 certified.
  • Comes with an app called NGRAVE Liquid to securely sign in and transfer your transactions.
  • Comes with Graphene to secure your NGRAVE perfect keys offline.
  • The battery is 1200 mAH.


The NGRAVE liquid is an app available on Android and iOS. Using this app one can manage their portfolio, manage, sign and send transactions. However, it doesn’t serve as a hot wallet it just serves as a gateway to manage the NGRAVE Zero Wallet as a cold wallet. The user can also back up their private keys on the NGRAVE liquid app.

The Graphene

The Graphene is a way to safely store your NGRAVE perfect key. Instead of writing down your code on the paper, the Graphene is 2 metal plates where the upper plate contains the numbers and alphabets engraved to it on certain rows that are hexadecimal. The upper plate has 1024 holes. The lower plate is barren and both the plates need to be clamped together you can puncture the lower plate based on your 24-word recovery seed code using the upper one as a template. You can puncture the plate by using the automated embossing pen.

After you’ve punctured all the holes according to your key, to securely store it you need to put both the plates in two different locations to ensure maximum security. As one plate is useless without another the perfect key would be secured to you only. The code will be generated on the wallet and you have to encode it on the Graphene.

The Graphene is built with a metal that can even withstand household fire, and shocks and is water-resistant making it everlasting. It is an encrypted and non-electric way to safely backup your Perfect keys and recovery seed phrase code. It is Indecipherable which means both the plates need to be together in order to decode the backup key.

The Graphene is an innovative way to secure your backup keys, and this feature makes the NGRAVE Zero better and more secure than other wallets.

How to create NGRAVE perfect key?

  • You can choose a 4–8 digit pin code.
  • To secure your key privately the NGRAVE asks for biometric data. You need to put your finger in the fingerprint scanner to record your fingerprint your fingerprint will be then added to your key.
  • The device will itself create a random key, this key will change its digit in real time thereby making impossible even for the developers of the NGRAVE to know your key.

NGRAVE Zero Wallet

The third tier is the wallet itself, the wallet is the device where you will store all your cryptocurrencies safely that can only be accessed by the NGRAVE perfect key engraved on the Graphene and known to you. The wallet is completely air-gapped and should be managed by the NGRAVE liquid app.

All these three tiers ensure the best security available on the planet that is really hard to penetrate.


The NGRAVE Zero Wallet is the only device to be secured by EAL-7 which is the highest certified security certification in the world. The wallet is air-gapped therefore it doesn’t have connectivity to WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC or anything. The software updates are installed by the EAL-7 certified operating system.

The device is always offline, not connected to any public networks or the internet therefore hackers cannot hack it. NGRAVE has only one port, which is a USB-C port that can be used just for charging the device and nothing else making this device the securest.


The NGRAVE Zero works on the ARM TrustZone Module, every time you turn on the device it checks if there are any unwanted or foreign tasks running. It constantly keeps checking the integrity and authenticity of the wallet.

You cannot debug the device or the firmware. If the firmware detects any suspicious activity of debugging the device will wipe all the data and keys with itself.

The only way to communicate is through QR codes.

Cryptocurrency Support

The NGRAVE Zero is compatible with Ethereum, EOS, bitcoin, litecoin, neo, and many others. It also supports 1000+ ERC20 Tokens. Many more cryptocurrencies support will be added in the upcoming future.

How to use NGRAVE Zero?

  • Firstly, you need to link your NGRAVE Zero Wallet with the NGRAVE liquid app.
  • You need to create a transaction request on your app.
  • You need to scan the QR code generated by the NGRAVE Liquid with the one generated by your hardware wallet.
  • Verify transaction details on both devices.
  • Then you need to sign the transaction on your ZERO wallets.
  • Scan your signature in the wallet using the liquid app.
  • Your transaction will be recorded on the blockchain network and on the wallet.


The initial price of NGRAVE Zero Wallet was 550 USD and NGRAVE Zero Wallet with the Graphene is 600 USD. The prices keep changing according to the demand and supply of the NGRAVE Zero.

Pros of NGRAVE Zero

  • The NGRAVE Zero wallet is available at a great price range.
  • The Ngrave Zero wallet has been reviewed as not only affordable in price but also that it provides the best security on the planet.
  • This NGRAVE ZERO hardware wallet is protected by a strong and durable metal case that can withstand any shocks, collisions, and falls.
  • Graphene is protected with highly durable metal that can protect it even from fires, and shocks and is water-resistant.
  • The wallet has been designed to keep the convenience of the customers in mind.
  • The device comes with an LCD screen which allows users to display QR codes of their private keys for easy payments and transactions.
  • The device is not required to be connected to the internet to access its funds.
  • It is the safest, most secure, and fastest way to store cryptocurrencies.
  • The device does not require apps, so hacking is not easy.

In conclusion, the NGRAVE ZERO offers the highest security measures to securely store your cryptocurrencies. Securing your cryptocurrencies in digital wallets comes with a risk of hacking and scams. The NGRAVE Zero completely eradicates that risk as it’s an air-gapped device away from internet connections, safe and with you. EAL-7 certified and three-tier security ensures the best security available on the planet.

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