The Sandbox Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030

Devesh Tiwari
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Sandbox is a 3D virtual reality game that is made available on the Ethereum platform as a standard ERC-20 token. It was previously a video game on iOS, Android, and Windows. Animoca Brands obtained its stakes in 2018 and started developing a Voxel method of blockchain for the game. Here the players can buy, sell and hold pieces of virtual land with the help of its innate NFT, called SAND. It uses a secure Proof of stake algorithm. Sandbox aims to accredit its players with a blockchain environment and make a decentralized network, such that the players can have the authority to claim whatever resources they have gathered.

Sandbox, as of April 2022, stands at $2.71, which is expected to go beyond $4.10 to $4.84 before ending this year. Its prices were recorded as highest in November 2021 at $8.45 and lowest in November 2020 at $0.029. It has a diluted market cap of $8.13 billion and the total circulating supply is said to be around 1.16 billion SAND.

SAND Price Forecast 2023

Our price prediction suggests that SAND will start its prices from $4.00 in January 2023 and will have a minimum price of $5.89 by the end. Its average price was evaluated to be about $5.00 in May 2023 which is expected to rise to over $6.00 by the final quarter of the year. In accord with our predictions, the maximum the price can grow is about $7.00 on or by December 2023.

SAND Price Forecast 2025

According to the technical study of the Sandbox forecast rate in 2025, the SAND rate is anticipated to go to a median rate stage of $14.24, the predicted minimal rate of each SAND will be $13.06. Moreover SAND can attain a maximum of up to $15.56 before finishing the year.

SAND Price Forecast 2030

If we consider Sandbox to entertain and yield good returns over its investments, it will unequivocally bring more investors or users to its domain. Our predicted minimal price of the NFT for 2030 is $89.16. Its mean price should be around $94.38. On top of that, the maximum SAND prices can go in 2030 will be over $100.


Sandbox, according to its validators, is predicted to outclass its competitors like Axie infinity and Decentraland (MANA) with the support of its Metaverse. It is supposed to be a long-term investment expecting great returns. Yet, we implore you to scrutinize the results of the investments in recent times for maximum safety.



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