UNUS SED LEO price prediction 2023, 2025, 2030

Devesh Tiwari
2 min readMay 1, 2022


UNUS SED LEO is said to be a utility token in the Bitfinex exchange. The tokens literally translate to “one but a lion”. Bitfinex users are allowed to pay fewer trading fees during transactions. Although the discount in trading price factors on the number of tokens a user has in their account. It is symbolized as LEO. It was developed in 2019.

UNUS SED LEO contrary to others is not created to last forever. It has a burning mechanism, where the company buys back the LEO tokens from the market every month. It is said that this mechanism will take place until all the tokens are bought back and burnt. UNUS SED LEO tokens are available on EOS and Ethereum blockchain networks.

Currently, LEO tokens are sold at a price of $5.87. Its highest recorded price is $8.05 in February 2022 and its lowest is $0.804 in December 2019. Its diluted market cap marks $5.82 billion and its total circulating supply is over 953 million LEO.


LEO Price Prediction 2023

The price of LEO at the start of 2023 might start with a minimum price of $7.48 in January to $10.65 in September. The average prices are foreseen around $10 to $12.8 by December of the year. The maximum the cost is expected to reach will be $13.86.

LEO Price Prediction 2025

As of 2025 price analysis, LEO is estimated to start its value from $18 as the minimum price. Mass adoption of this network is highly expected by 2025. It is expected to boom its prices further down the year. Its average should hold out to be around $25.89 and maximize up to $30.03.

LEO Price Prediction 2030

If LEO can hold its market for that long, its prices are forecasted to sky-rocket. Our technical study foresees the price of each LEO to surpass a minimum of $130 in 2030. It should hold an average of $154 before the year ends. The maximum it can grow is up to $186. Furthermore, there are predictions that estimate the maximum price of UNUS SED LEO can topple over $210.


LEO validators expect its growth to be imminent in the future. It has a high probability to ascend its market value over this decade, and with its Burning mechanism, each token worth will have to multiply every month. Investors are expecting to gain a lot of returns in long term.



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